Billy and Meg are both adoptees, actors, marketing pros, and very good friends.

One late night texting session about previous marketing disasters Meg said, “We should have a podcast.” Billy agreed. Meg told him to sleep on the idea and get back to her the next day. The next day, Billy couldn’t stop thinking about the idea. The AdopTwins were born.

With so many common themes throughout both their lives it was an easy fit. Billy and Meg have always had conversations that flowed easily and they’ve always worked well together on the experimental marketing circuit. It seemed like a natural fit to move into delving deeper into their adoption stories, stories they both knew they had, but never shared too much about with each other.

Billy Baraw

Billy is an actor and entrepreneur who’s been described as one that has never met a stranger.

Meg Cee

Meg is a mother of one an actor, small business owner, writer, and activist.